Spdate Review: A New Form Of Speed Dating

What does it take to become one of the top-rated dating sites? That would be a vast range of features, safety, and free of charge basis. And it’s precisely what Spdate is about. It’s an exciting chance to get lucky in finding someone who would meet your expectations. Follow through this review of Spdate to discover the benefits and peculiarities of this dating site.



  • Really easy to use
  • One-step registration process
  • Satisfying user experience
  • Social media friendly
  • Toll-free


  • No app available
  • No video chats

SPdate main page

Spdate.com At A Glance

  • Gender proportion: females < males
  • The average age of the members: 21-35
  • Members activity: thousands active weekly

What Is Spdate?

Spdate is a dating site designed to assist adult individuals in chatting and encountering. The primary target audience is straight singles. Spdate engrossingly combines two concepts: the idea of speed dating and modern loyalty towards social media. The resource is appealing and convenient, which is essential in this niche. If you are into casual dating and seeking a new intimate experience of instant hookups, Spdate is a suitable option for you.

How Does Spdate Work?

Your experience at Spdate starts with the registration, no surprises here, just like with regular dating sites. However, you will be pleasantly surprised when you will discover how easy it is to sign in. Further, in the review, this aspect will be disclosed in detail.

The process of finding your perfect match will also not take much time. Due to the well-designed algorithms of this dating site, you will be presented with many options, of which you will only need to choose the one that you like best. The exclusive Discovery feature allows you to like or skip suggested members. Based on your choices, the algorithm will specify your preferences more precisely.

Particular attention should be devoted to the Spdate interface. Since you will need to spend a lot of time on the site, it should pass satisfyingly. Unpleasant or overly bright colors, a confusing interface – all these are big flashy “no” to any dating site. Spdate layout is minimalistic and straightforward. Moreover, it designed just as a social media platform. It gives an excellent impression and eases the tense while using it. You will be satisfied with your user experience.

Sign Up

Spdate log in is one of the easiest in the dating niche, and it’s a matter of less than a minute to create an account. All the information you need to provide about yourself is your name, email address, gender, and age. And voila – you have a profile on Spdate. Another particularity that makes registration on Spdate so easy is that the dating site is social network friendly. Thus, you can use your Facebook or Google Plus accounts for signing up.

The curious part pops up when it comes to the matter of log out from the site. The thing is that once you log out, you need to register again if you want to come back to the dating service. Many Spdate.com reviews don’t have a clear understanding of this aspect. But the truth about Spdate lies in the essence of the idea of speed dating as a phenomenon. Once you attend such a real-life event, you have a chance to get to know another person only within the allotted time. Kind of the same thing goes on in an online form of dating. It’s just that your time limit is the one you were spending when you logged in.

Now, as you finished your few-steps registration, you may upload your profile photo and add some extra information to your account, which optional. Further at your service will be such categories as Discovery, Home, Messages, Contacts, Profile, Activity, and Top-Users.

SPdate registration

Search & Profile Quality

As was mentioned above, Spdate doesn’t have a regular Search feature as any type you could think of. In this sense, Spdate is more like a dating app where you get numerous suggestions to choose from. If you receive a lot of messages from other users shortly after you registered at the site, don’t stress out. It happens due to the sophisticated algorithm of Spdate. It designed to encourage you as a new member to communicate with others. As you sort the suggestions, the service will understand your preferences better. Thus, it boosts the chances of finding a perfect match. You can get access to top-active profiles to search.

You can reach out to other members using the chat feature. It is basically the main option of communication. You can do it for free. You can also share photos in your chat boxes, which is a plus since, on other dating sites, this option is fee-based.

Safety / Scam

Safety has always been a core concern in dating sites. Probably, even more than with regular web resources. And the reason behind this is the act of sharing your personal information with other people. But you may leave concerns for your privacy behind when you are using Spdate, for it securely encrypted with SSL technology. That is why you don’t need to share your private data and confidential information when you register. Due to the age verification requirement on the site, you can be at ease that all your acquaintance-making is within the limits of common decency, which is also crucial.

You may not worry regarding the possibility of scamming as well. You cannot be scammed since there is nothing to pay for at the site. Spdate does not force you to purchase anything. All it can do is suggest you consider a VIP membership (follow onward for details). All in all, it doesn’t enquire about your bank account details or credit card. You may rest assured your privacy will be protected.

Help & Support

While surfing on any Spdate.com review, you may lack a piece of information on the support team of the site. In fairness, it is not that obvious as you may expect. Even so, the algorithm of the inner functioning of the platform is so neat that you may not even need it. However, if you still have questions or issues regarding activity on the site, you may feel free to contact a devoted customer support team to figure them out.

Prices & Plans

Mostly Spdate dating site reviews will tell that it’s free of charge service, which is true. However, some features are fee-based. This reflects the fact that the main features of any dating site, such as creating an account, browsing photo albums, viewing profiles, and send messages are available to you pro bono. But! If you want some extra features like access to the most active users list and unlimited access to photos, you can purchase a premium subscription. Such Premium Vip membership will cost you 39.99 USD monthly.

Keep in mind that underage users cannot enter the site to share content material. So, you will need to verify your age by the mean of paying 0.99 USD, which will be repaid in seven days. In comparison to other dating sites, it seems a reasonable price for unlimited access to Spdate services and the ability to bring your messages to the TOP list inside inboxes.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to take up VIP membership since Spdate does not push you if you’re going to remain a toll-free user. There are no inside-currency, nor authorized merchandise the site would insist you to buy. So, Spdate may be considered not only free of charge but also a decent dating site.

SPdate woman profile


So, after everything mentioned above comes a common question at the end of any review: “Is Spdate good?” If you are seeking casual online dating on a no-strings-attached basis, Spdate must be one of your prime choices. Its design and intuitive inner navigation enhance your chances of scoring an encounter. It’s an excellent opportunity to chat with a person before a meeting. Spdate dating site is a perfect idea for those who would not like to go on dates that might fail.


What Is Spdate?

Spdate is a dating site for straight single adults.

Is Spdate Legit?

Yes. Spdate has all legal rights to operate as a dating site.

Is Spdate Safe?

Yes. The site has all the necessary features to make you feel safe and secure: from the options Add to Blacklist a disturbing member to a professional customer support team. Besides, the site provides accurate fraud protection measures.

Who Owns Spdate?

Spdate is a property Digital International Inc.

If I Didn’t Mention My Location On My Spdate Profile, How Does The Site Know Where I Live?

Spdate can indicate your location via the IP address of your device.

Can I Permanently Delete My Spdate Account?

Yes. If you decide to remove your profile from the platform, it will be deleted, and none of your previously mentioned data will remain.

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