SeekingArrangement Review: A Look From Within

The final goal of visiting any dating site is finding your perfect match. Or, at least, the suitable one. What you’re expecting from the dating resource itself is accurate guidance and straightforwardness. review is here to lead you through the main properties and advantages of the site.

The First Impression

What is It’s an experienced in the niche dating site that claims to be the #1 Sugar Daddy Dating Site in the World. Therefore, it focused strictly on matching two roles users play on the site: depending on your preferences, it may be Sugar Daddy, Mommy, or Sugar Baby. Without beating around the bush, the site encourages to browse generous Sugar Daddies/Mommas and attractive Sugar Babies. Joining to this dating platform, you keep your ambitions and intentions straightforward.

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Pros/Cons of SeekingArrangement Dating Site


  • Ability to set a private personal profile
  • The resource provides you with match suggestions
  • Ability to arrange a private gallery of photos
  • The features of desktop and app versions are the same
  • Free registration
  • Convenient search and filter settings


  • The app is not adapted for iOS
  • A possibility of fake accounts of the sugar babies At A Glance

If you have ever come across with reviews, you’d probably already know that it has a well-designed interface that is easy to navigate. It is crucial since the user’s age range is between 18 and 50 and over. The layout is simple. The fonts and – what is highly relevant – the photos are distinctive and clearly visible. The design is minimal and simple-to-use. It takes only a few minutes to understand the main functions, which is very valued among elderly users.

What Is SeekingArrangement?

The mentioned before in the review of SeekingArrangement may give you the impression that dating site is promoting escort services. But it would be a misconception. The platform was founded in early 2006 by Brandon Wade in San Francisco – the place where progressive ideas are born. The truth about SeekingArrangement is that the service focused on people forming and developing their relationships following their idea of a perfect partner relationship, where people can combine business and pleasure.

While so-called sugar daddies and mommas support young men and women financially and mentoring, sugar babies provide them with companionship and long-term relationship in return. The official site even contains a disclaimer stating that the service discourages any acts of prostitution, sex trafficking, or “pay-per-meet” based relationships. The idea behind the SeekingArrangement is creating the space, where people can effortlessly state their expectations. Remaining frank and honest with each other protects you from time-wasting. That what SeekingArrangement calls “Relationships on Your Terms.”

How Does SeekingArrangement Work?

All of the SeekingArrangement dating site reviews will tell you it’s a dating site designed for finding your “sugar” match. You simply register from the perspective of your purposes. Whether you are a sugar baby looking for a sense of luxurious life and mentoring guidance or you are a sugar daddy/mommy willing to share your experience and support. As a “person to person” dating site, SeekingArrangement provides you with the possibility of setting relationships with real people. The app uses GPS for matching features.

And last but not least. The service is accessible in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.

Sign Up

The SeekingArrangement log in is plain and secured. All the information required from you is your gender (male or female), your role at the dating site (are you a sugar baby or daddy/mommy), and your preferences (are you interested in men, women, or both). Depending on your account type, you fill the next space: the budget expectations. If you are a sugar baby, you mention how much your sugar daddy or mommy would spend on you. And if you are a sugar daddy/mommy, you note how much you expect to spend on your sugar baby financial support monthly. Those mentionings clarify the starting terms of your relationships. And put your email address – a typical necessity for completing the registration process. College students may use their university email. Since it admitted as a verification step, such users will have priority for upgrading their membership to premium status.

Since SeekingArrangement is more into a face-to-face dating, you will be asked to upload your profile photo. And here is another step of approval. If your photo is found fake, it won’t be posted. That is how you may be sure that you are talking to a real person.

You may also register via your Facebook account. In addition to that, you may connect your dating account with your other social media accounts. Considered as identity proof, it will give a special badge on your account that states its legitimacy.

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Search & Profile Quality

In a matter of mutually beneficial relationships, SeekingArrangement designed it filters in the search section as detailed as possible. Thus, you may set individual features of your potential match. Such as ethnicity, body type, height, eye color, drinking and smoking habits, educational background, income, membership status, etc. Such broad search navigation gives you more control over your relationship and boosts the confidence of your choice.

True that some fake accounts may happen. But after all, this kind of fluff is typical for many dating sites. SeekingArrangement keeps its finger on finding these oversights.

Safety / Legal / Scam

The strong safety measures of the service you may experience since the login step. All stages of verification are there to help you secure your data and be sure that you are dating real people. However, despite all the checking and verification stages, there is a risk of a human factor. Every user takes one’s responsibility in terms of common sense. To enhance this attitude, the official site of the service started a blog to discuss features of sugar dating, tips on protection from scamming, and some advice on finding the right perspectives in this field.

In addition to that, SeekingArrangement is a member of the affiliate third party program due to which you may receive a background verification. If you spot a significant badge on an account, you may rest assured – you are dealing with a real person.

Help & Support

Customer support of SeekingArrangement is available 24/7. In case you have any questions, issues, or confusion on how the service works – you may quickly contact support and get things done. But the interface and design of the service are so easy-to-understand that you undoubtedly will be able to figure out a lot of it on your own. Customer service, in this case, would be a reliable back-up to which you may address in case of need.

Cost / Prices & Plans

In comparison to other dating sites, SeekingArrangement is average. The registration and first ten messages are free. But onward, you will be suggested to submit to a paid membership, which gives you more advantages. You can choose any options to pay for your premium membership: with your credit card, using PayPal, or directly via your cell phone. And keep in mind that if you are a college student and want to register for a sugar baby, you may log in using your university email. This will allow you to upgrade your account to premium status for free.

Why should you switch to a paid membership? Well, firstly and mainly, because you get the ability to talk to members, you are interested in. Since after the first ten free messages, you may only look at the photos, but you can not communicate. Photo galleries also upgraded with premium status. You get a chance to create a private gallery. And you may look at other private galleries of men or women, regarding your preferences.

Another delicious bonus of premium subscription is the ability to use Amazon Wish List to send presents to your sugar baby via SeekingArrangement. Your money and payments remain secure.


So, is SeekingArrangement good? In a nutshell, if you are straightforwardly going for your intentions and ambitions, then SeekingArrangement is a great companion on your way. It is a well-designed and developed tool to set the relationships you want: no strings attached, no smoke and mirrors.

SeekingArrangement benefits


What Is SeekingArrangement?

It’s a dating site for sugar relationships (the roles are daddies/mommas and babies).

Is SeekingArrangement Legit?

Yes, the service has all legal rights and permissions to operate without any worries.

Can I Use SeekingArrangement For Free?

Yes, if you are a sugar baby. If you are a sugar daddy or momma, you need to purchase a premium subscription.

Is SeekingArrangement Safe?

Yes. The service takes available precautionary measures - from informing the users to engaging third-party verifications of accounts - to protect subscribers from scams. But every user should be responsible for their private information, as they would do on any other platform.

What if I Want To Prolong My Subscription?

The premium membership is automatically renewed. Unless you don’t want to, you are free to cancel it.

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