A Complete OneNightFriend Dating Site Review

OneNightFriend lives up to its name and is overall great for securing a one-night stand with people who share your kinks and are overall compatible with you sexually. This website has gathered a lot of sexually liberated singles who are ready to have some new fun experiences and do not mind experimenting with like-minded souls. There are a lot of features that make your adult dating online fun and unpredictable. However, the advanced search tool leaves a fair amount of control over your matches to you.

Pros And Cons

Pros Of OneNightFriend:

  • The great mobile version of the website
  • Has a native iOS app
  • Offers Basic and Full Safe Mode features to protect members’ identity
  • A lot of active members
  • International user base
  • Great for finding hookups in the local area since it shows potential matches nearby
  • Lots of cool features

Cons Of OneNightFriend:

  • Messaging is a paid feature

OneNightFriend main page

OneNightFriend.com at a Glance

  • Best for: Horny adults who want to some sexy action
  • Where: Worldwide but works best in the USA
  • Best features: Advanced search, Like Gallery

What Is OneNightFriend.com?

It will only be fair to start this review by establishing what OneNightFriend is in its essence. The first thing that can be said in the review of OneNightFriend is that it is an online dating platform. However, it is not a regular dating website. As it can be deduced from the name of the service, OneNightFriend is focused on accommodating one-time arrangements, casual sexual encounters, and flirty venues as opposed to helping to build serious long-term relationships.

Therefore, this review can state that OneNightFriend is a perfect platform for securing a hookup and making new acquaintances with hot like-minded individuals. It is much more casual than a lot of other dating sites on the internet. There is absolutely no pressure as the main intention of almost everyone registered on OneNightFriend is to have a sexy little fling.

One of the peculiarities of OneNightFriend, which the review can point out is the fact that it is heavily location-based. It fits well with the original purpose of the service — to help people hook up with each other in real life asap. When searching for possible matches for the night, you will only be shown members of OneNightFriend located in a radius of 100 km around you. You can be sure whoever you meet on the platform is within the plausible distance.

Some may say it can be rather limiting in terms of the number of matches you can possibly get through OneNightFriend. However, the OneNightFriend review reassures you the website is actually super varied and provides a lot of options for everyone!

Thanks to the ever-rising popularity of the service, there are already a lot of active users of the website, and their number only continues to grow. Moreover, OneNightFriend is a truly international hook up a platform with members from all around the world. Hence, no matter where you are based, you will be able to find hot singles to have some sexy time with.

Unlike other similar websites in the niche, OneNightFriend focuses specifically on singles. It will work best for you if you are an individual adult looking for a hookup. The service will match you with many interesting people out of the limitless user pool of the platform! Thanks to the fact the platform allows both heterosexual and gay encounters, it is full of life. In fact, thousands of active members on OneNightFriend log in to the website.

When talking about the user composition of OneNightFriend, it will be fair for this review to notice there are slightly more men than there are women. However, it is still very easy to connect with beautiful and sexy females on the website! Most of the users of the service fall into the age category from 25 to 35 years old.

On top of everything else, this review also wants to highlight the fact the website has a well-designed and clean mobile version so that you could access it whenever as well as a native iOS application. Unfortunately, a native Android app is yet to be developed, but you can easily find APK to install on your Android device.

How Does OneNightFriend Work?

A lot of OneNightFriend.com reviews point out how easy it is to work on the website. Indeed, you do not need to be an experienced online dater in order to get your head wrapped around all the features and processes offered by this adult dating service.

The first thing that deserves mention is the fact that the website asks you to sign up to get access to its features. It is done in order to protect the website from fraudsters and scammers who would try and take advantage of the real members of OneNightFriend.

As soon as you get an OneNightFriend account, you will be able to start making contact with other members of the website and look for a sexy hookup. Some of the features, such as winks and likes, are available to all users. Other features, such as message exchange, are accessible to paid members only.

You may post and view photos and videos, which means OneNightFriend is perfect for exchanging nudes and other naughty media.

As well as that, one of the features which deserve to be highlighted in this review is Like Gallery. The feature is similar to that of Tinder and shows you a carousel of profiles for you to decide whether they are hot or not.

Granted, the nature of OneNightFriend, it is natural not all people would want to reveal their personality straightaway. For this very reason, the developers of OneNightFriend have given members of the site an opportunity to remain anonymous until they establish a connection with someone. That can be done by turning on the Safe Mode feature. It will conceal your picture and replace it with a standard icon. On top of that, it also allows you to be in full control of the circle of people who are able to send you messages. That way, you can be sure you are safe and protected.


As mentioned in the review, you need to create an account to access OneNightFriend. However, it is so easy and quick; it is barely an inconvenience. The truth about OneNightFriend is that registering on it is free of charge and will take less than five minutes.

In order to create an account, you will only have to provide some basic information such as your date of birth, email address, nickname and location, and fill out your profile to finish the setup.

OneNightFriend registration

Search & Profile Quality

This review and many other OneNightFriend dating site reviews agree the quality of the profiles on the site is very high. Even though the service positions itself as a platform primarily for hookups before anything else, the profiles are all rather detailed and allow you to find out quite a lot of information about the person in front of you. In fact, they are so comprehensive; you might not even need to do the ‘small talk’ to find out whether you have something in common with your potential match or not.

Here are just some examples of what you can learn about the members of OneNightFriend simply by examining their personal pages on the site:

  • Viewing their profile picture
  • Physical appearance parameters, such as height, weight, tattoos, piercings, etc.
  • Habits
  • Income
  • Education, etc.

On top of that, you can also read through your potential partner’s ‘About Me’ section, where you can learn what kind of fetishes or kinks they have. That way, you could straightaway decide whether the two of you would be compatible sexually or not.

Something this review can guarantee is that you will be impressed with the search tool. Unlike a lot of other adult dating websites that only have a couple of filters to apply to your search, OneNightFriend allows its members to refine their search down to specifics. Indeed, the search tool offered by OneNightFriend is rather advanced and features the following filters: ethnicity, appearance filters (hair color, tattoos, body type, etc.), age, whether they smoke or drink, and many other things. That way, you can find a special ‘friend’ for the night that would not only be your type but could also stay for the next morning and entertain you with an interesting conversation.


One of the most widespread concerns when it comes to hookup sites is the presence of catfish and fakes. Although OneNightFriend, just like any other platform in its niche, may have a couple of suspicious profiles, it also has a very solid team of moderators looking after the platform.

Moderators of OneNightFriend are taking the safety of the website’s users very seriously and monitor the activity taking place on the site. In case there are any breaches of rules, the moderators are prompt to react and take action to restore safety on the site.

On top of that, the security of your financial information is the website’s top priority as well. In order to make sure your financial data remains safe, the site only uses certified payment systems for transactions.

So, is OneNightFriend safe? This review can conclude that the service is doing everything possible to ensure they create a safe and friendly user experience for all the members.

Help & Support

Is OneNightFriend good? As discussed earlier in the review, it definitely is a well-made user-friendly website. It works well and operates smoothly, so you can rest assured your OneNightFriend experience will be a good one. If you come across something you need assistance with, you may turn to the support team for help. They are extremely attentive and will be prompt to react to your request and take further action.


As mentioned in the review, registration on OneNightFriend is free, and so are a lot of features. But if you want to maximize your adult dating experience, you need to invest in Premium membership.

  • 1 Month — 39.00 USD / Month
  • 3 Months — 21.90 USD / Month
  • 6 Months — 17.70 USD / Month


To conclude, this review can state OneNightFriend is a very cool site full of interesting people who share the same goal — to have fun and to get laid. If this is something you can relate to, you should definitely check out OneNightFriend. It will be an amazing helper and is likely to secure you a hot hook up you will remember for a long time!

OneNightFriend testimonials


Is OneNightFriend Legit?

As established in this review, OneNightFriend is a trustworthy adult dating website that will help you to secure a hook up with people from nearby. The moderators of the website do their best to keep the space safe and secure for all the users of the website.

Who Can Register On OneNightFriend?

This review mentioned this is an adult dating website, which means only people over the age of 18 can create an account on the platform.

Is OneNightFriend Free?

The review covered the fact it is free to register on the website and to use some of the features, but if you want to get the most out of your OneNightFriend experience, you should upgrade to a premium account.

How Many People Are There On OneNightFriend?

There are currently several thousands of active members on the website, and their number continues to rise.

Is It Anonymous?

OneNightFriend respects your privacy, so it does not ask you to share the stuff you would rather remain private.

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