Fling Review: Sexual Dating Actually

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the word “fling” as “to throw something or someone suddenly and with a lot of force.” If you find yourself on a Fling dating site, you must know the side meaning of this word. You have a straightforward approach: you are not seeking a simply one-night stand and yet not into a profound long-term relationship. While “friends with benefits” may give a lot of headaches solving commitment issues, you may be merely frank about your desires to sexually release from the stress and hangups, and just per se, you take up a fling.

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The First Impression

So what is Fling.com? Fling is a dating site for adults (over 18). The explicit content jumps out at you as you enter the site. You immediately understand what to expect and what you can count on. The Fling dating site allows you to hook up with desired people in the form of casual dating.

Pros/Cons Of Fling


  • 24/7 profile review team
  • Chat room available
  • The ability of video chat
  • Three-month get-laid guarantee


  • Not available in the App Store
  • The interface needs to be upgraded
  • Limited access for free users
  • No matching functionality

Fling.com At A Glance

  • Purpose: Members straightforwardly looking for hookups
  • Gender proportion: male > female
  • The average age of members: 30-35

What Is Fling.com?

Fling appeared on the adult dating site scene back in 2006. Since then, it became well-known among men and women who want to set fleeting relationships without emotional boundaries. Each review of Fling will highlight that the site discourages any form of discrimination. Hence, you are free to experience various kinky sex adventures without any racial, ethnic, or other prejudices. Couple or single swinging, BDSM, threesomes – all the richness of possibilities is at your service. The diversity of adult content will have you splitting your sides with an impression.

How Does Fling Work?

One of the best things about going through a Fling.com review is the chance of getting a sort of insider information before you decide whether it suits you or not. So, as you are already aware, Fling is full of X-rated and explicit content that hits right from the first sight you visit the dating site. However, as soon as you get there, you admit that you are able to enjoy it entirely only after you take up a paid subscription. Viewing other member’s profiles, chats, sending messages, sharing webcam videos – all of these is possible by purchasing a membership. However, the platform does not have a gift sharing option. So, if you are into this kind of gesture with your partner, you should figure it out between you two.

Instead, Fling provides a bunch of special features. Such as video chats. Being a face-to-face dating site, Fling promotes quick hookups via steamy Sex on Cam. Such video chat seems to be the preferable form of communication between paid subscribers.

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Sign Up

A Fling log in process is simple as that. Firstly, it is free. That’s a good start. Secondly, it does not take much time (about a minute or two), and it does not require some extras of your personal information. All you need to do is to enter your email, your gender, age, preferable gender match, and zip code. Make sure you created a highly-strong password. It is a standard precautionary measure, however worth mentioning.

After you register, you will receive a verification letter in your email. You click the enlisted link, as you always do, and here you are at the Fling dating site! By the way, there is no need to put your real name. Since the reason why users are visiting the site is to have sexual relations with no strings attached, you may freely just use your nickname.

Search & Profile Quality

One of the crucial indicators of a robust dating site is its search navigation and profile quality. If you have come across Fling.com reviews before, you must be aware that it has one of the best-designed search systems in the niche. The filter settings are based on the search features. The latter mentioned contains a standard required information and an advanced one, so to say. Thus, you may mention not only primary data such as gender, age, height, body type, spoken languages, and so on; but also some the specific one.

It means your preferences in sexual experience: threesomes, sex on a particular regular basis, one-night Fling, and other kinky predilections. You are free to divulge any of this. In further, using this dating site, you will be able to find your peculiar match.

However, you should keep in mind that as a free user, you may only view the other users’ profiles, but you can make contact with them. To be able to, you need to purchase a subscription to become a premium member. In itself, it is another effective filter to identify a valid profile.

Making contact goes on the overall principles of dating sites. If someone is interested in you, Fling sends you a message, letting you know that someone is about to contact you.

Safety / Scam

To make your communication on the service stress-free,  Fling ensures its users to have a dedicated profile review team working 24/7. Only thoroughly checked profiles are shown to the users. Evidently, you may stumble upon a fake account on any dating site. It is a matter of common sense and personal responsibility to define a reliable partner.

Another part of Fling safety is that your personal data remains secure. The resource does not extend private information (such as credit card details or private contacts) to a third party. Therefore, “what happens at Fling, remains at Fling.” Moreover, the platform equips its users with extra safety features. For instance, if your children are looking over your screen sometimes and you want to protect them from adult content, you may set a Safe Mode. Afterward, you won’t see any candid photos in your search results.

And there is a pleasant gesture from the service in a matter of ethics. Fling does not spam its users, and you may leave the platform if you want to. It counts for trustworthiness.

Help & Support

In case you have any issues or concerns, a courteous support team of Fling is at your service 24 hours daily.  Apart from that, Fling takes care of the safety and privacy of its users. So the assist stuff is there to educate members on Internet fraud.

Prices & Plans

“Is Fling expensive?” you may wonder. In comparison to other dating sites, it is average. The membership plan seems to be pretty simple. Here are the prices:

  • a gold two-day trial will cost you $0.95
  • a gold 7-day trial – $9.95
  • a gold 1-month subscription – $34.95
  • a gold 6-month subscription – $69.95
  • the premium gold 12-month subscription – $80.04

Additionally, the premium year subscription gives you a six-month free trial.

All transactions for your Fling subscription will be identified in your payment history as ‘csreadybill.com 855-208-2296’. You may pay with your credit card or via PayPal.

Besides, Fling is a partner with a popular online sex toy retailer. So as a user, you can purchase sex toys, DVDs, using Fling-exclusive promotions and discounts. What is also distinctive for a Fling dating site is that premium users can trade their private content via service. Photo- and video-posts of teasing, foreplay, solo play, and so on may give you pleasurable profit.

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So, is Fling good? If you are into casual sexual relationships, then you hit the right spot. It is a matter of what you are looking for. The truth about Fling is that behind a lackluster design, there is a plethora of adult content and great features, which give you every reason to find your perfect kinky match. Fling even assures you with a three-month hookup guarantee. That stands for quality proof.

And last but not least. As you are going through Fling dating site reviews, they will pitch you the idea of emotionless romance. But we all know well, that finding true love is always a matter of the heart. You never know what to expect. At least you may start with a straightforward statement of seeking relationships without a hidden catch.


What is Fling.com?

Fling is a dating site for boundless sexual relations with explicit content.

What Is The Origin Of Fling.com?

The service, owned by Global Personals Media, was launched in 2006, with a headquarters located in Florida.

Is Fling.com Legit?

The Fling dating site supported by juridical papers can operate on a legal basis.

Is Fling Safe?

The safety of the users is a priority of any dating site. And Fling is not an exception. The platform provides a profound verification of accounts and protects personal data. Despite explicit content, Fling does not promote sexual deviations. On the contrary, the platform encourages prejudice-free communication. Therefore, it stands for your privacy and private data safety.

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