Online Fetish Hookup Websites

Most fetish sites suggest members to use various useful online tools to find the best candidates. While using such fetish hookup platforms, users gain pleasant experience, they are never judged by other people, and have a lot of fun. People who have fetish need something much more than traditional dating and relationships. And these fetish hookup sites give you what you need.

Whether you have some kinky desires and dreams, or you are into romantic relationships with big and beautiful women, or you are attracted to something (or someone) else, you can find what you need on these hookup online sites. Mainstream online websites won’t make the best choice since people there are into traditional relationships, sometimes they seek marriage or fun, but not fetish hookups or casual romantic relationships.

There are not that many online websites dedicated only to fetish hookups and open relationships, but there are mainstream hookup websites online where everyone is welcome. If you have specific desires, you can create an account and add more details to your profile about your desires and expectations from romantic relationships. You can also add more info about your expectations and what you want to receive. On these fetish hookup websites with huge audiences, you will be able to meet the person (or several singles) who have similar desires.


List Of Fetish Dating Online Sites

These mentioned below services are favorites among users. It is not a list approved by some official statistical institute that is gathering and analyzing information to produce a list of most used online dating sites. This list is made due to some observations and comments from members. Some online dating websites can be called mainstream hookup sites online since they have even bigger databases than traditional services. You can choose several most popular services from the list below to try out what fits you better.

Bondage Pal

The owners of the platform claim it takes several seconds to create an account. Moreover, it is totally free to create an account and add details about your personal life and preferences. It is one of the best options when it comes to finding a partner for alternative relationships and casual dating as well as hookups. You won’t be judged here, on the contrary, everyone will respect your desires. What is even better is that you can use this online dating website completely free of charge.

Adult Friend Finder

It is a place where all adults with various desires create accounts and seek for best hookup partners. It might be called a mainstream website online for alternative relationships and dating since it has one of the biggest databases among other platforms. You can create a profile and add about your preferences, fetish, expectations. That way, the system will start offering profiles of people who have something in common with you. For example, if you are into a big and beautiful woman (black or white, etc.), then you will be offered to contact women of plus size. The site is amazing and worthy of your attention. But do not expect to start serious romantic relationships here, it won’t work, seek only hookups.

Find a Femdom

The name of the platform is obvious – if you are into dominant women, then you will find the best dominatrix. The owners of the site understand that some men and women prefer dominant ladies, so they have created a good matching mechanism which is matching compatible partners. Plus, this is a heaven for those women who are into dominating men and women. Most users here understand what it is to be dominant and submissive, so it is a great place to have fun. It is used not just to start casual relationships, it is also great at matching people who are into serious romantic relationships.


One of those not entirely best fetish dating sites, but only because it caters to the interests of everyone who are into alternative dating. If you are interested in kinky fetishes, hookups, casual and open dating, then you will like this website. It has a nice navigation system so you won’t get lost in categories. It has detailed profiles, and you can add as many details as you want. This online site has lots of people with sexy photos and different preferences, so seeking hookups will be a pleasant process.


It is an online dating platform used by people who are into guys. Yes, it is a gay platform where everyone can feel comfortable while seeking partners. It is not just a hookup service, it is more of a universal website for people with kinky desires. It is used by either gay men or bisexuals, and it has a lot of things to offer. If you are willing to start a serious relationship, then you can do it here too.

Ashley Madison

No strings attached, don’t even try telling someone that you are seeking serious relationships. This site was created for people seeking hookups, alternative relationships, open and casual dating, etc. If you have special desires and traditional relationships won’t ever satisfy your needs, then try using Ashley Madison. It is a reputable and pretty old service used by people seeking alternative relationships, including casual dating, hookups, and open relationships where you can have several partners without damaging the main relationship.


Dating can be hard, especially if you have other desires. Traditional dating and relationships not always work, especially if you are a lesbian or bisexual lady. You have probably got used to the feeling of disappointment when you finally meet a perfect woman, and she turns out to be straight. Well, fear no more, this site is perfect for alternative dating. If you seek hookups, lesbian or bisexual dating, kinky experience, you will gain all this here.


As you can see from the “X” in the name of the dating site, it is not suitable for anyone except adults. It is a dating site online used by people seeking fetish relationships and hookups. It has a nice design, it is easy to seek fetish hookups and other alternative or open relationships. If you are into something special, just add the info about your needs and preferences, while the matching system will do the rest. Create a profile and use the searching mechanism, you will find a hookup option in no time.

Gay Fetish Personals

Traditional romantic relationships not always satisfy the needs of every single person on Earth. That is why such amazing fetish dating sites are here to satisfy the needs of those who have other desires. If you are into open relationships or serious relationships online with gay men, then this website will help you to meet the right individual. It was created to help men with special needs to meet someone who will be able to satisfy them. This online dating website is amazing at finding hookups and open relationship candidates.


CasualX is not just an amazing online platform, it was created for everyone with fetish desires and alternative needs. It is a nice place where you might meet candidates for open relationships and casual hookups, one night stands, etc. If you have a fetish, just add about it in your profile information. The search will allow you to find those candidates who share your desire for fetish. You won’t have to wait long until you find a candidate for the relationships you need.

Fat Fantasy Girl

If your fetish is a big and beautiful woman, then this website will totally fit your preferences. Ladies who are using this fetish hookup dating site love men who enjoy women with big bodies. They feel loved and adored while guys and some girls who are into big ladies gain what they desire. This fetish hookup dating website caters to the interests of women with sexy and big bodies, and to men who are fond of such ladies. The site is used both for serious relationships and open relationships.


The name tells everything about alternative dating and hookups. If you have some desires and needs which can’t be satisfied while dating traditionally, then “Alt” is a place where you might meet the perfect candidate for fetish hookups. The site for dating online and hookups is perfect to start open relationships. If you have a fetish, make sure you tell about it in our profile. Thousands of people living in different corners of the world have some fetish desires, and they are not against hookups. To create an account (registration is free), and start browsing through numerous profiles.

This website was created by people who understand that fetish is important to some of us. This website is great since it has a big database, it is easy to navigate here, it has detailed profiles and allows to publish different photos. The searching system is great, and you can seek people due to fetish you prefer so there won’t be any problems in finding the right candidates for hookups. The site is great for alternative dating, open and serious relationships, and fetish hookups. And it has a live fetish chat!


The website can be proud since it is pretty popular. Each month a lot of new members visit the site to start seeking dating partners and fetish hookups. The website is comfortable to use, the searching mechanism is pretty precise, and the matching system can find you, compatible partners, within a short period. Overall, this dating site is good.

Online alternative dating has never been so fun as with this dating website. It is a place where you can meet candidates for hookups, fetish dating, open relationships, one night stands, etc. Members of the community understand that people have different needs, so they will never point fingers at you due to your desires. This site is an amazing place where you can chat, see other members of the community online with the help of a webcam, flirt, and seek dating hookup partners.


Best Foot Fetish Websites

Foot Fetish Dating

The owners and creators of this hookup fetish platform get it that sometimes people go crazy when they see beautiful feet. And to make sure they meet people with nice feet, they have created this website. Here women and men who are into feet can meet singles with really attractive feet. This is a foot fetish dating site which has a nice design, it is reputable, and it has a pretty big database so you might find someone needed pretty soon.

The Feet Hunter

This foot fetish app is a place where men and women who like feet can find the best partners for fetish hookups. The good thing about this website is that no one will point fingers at you and comment on your personal life. It is your personal life, and the owners of the website make sure that the environment is positive and comfortable for everyone. You can check out photos of people you might be compatible with, read about their preferences while the matching mechanism will find someone perfect for you.

Foot Fetish Match

If you feel like you are into feet and you are interested in fetish hookups, then this platform for dating online will fit you and your needs. The owners of the site have created this nice hookup fetish platform specifically for feet lovers. So if you believe that simple dating hookup sites are not too helpful for satisfying your needs, then you can try a pure feet fetish hookup platform. It has interesting options which everyone can use to their benefit.

Feet Fetish Dating

It is a highly popular app that allows you to use the request “foot fetish near me”. It has a lot of visits each month, meaning that it is an active website where people are meeting like-minded singles. If you want to start using the platform, you have to create a profile, so the matching system will understand what you prefer. It allows people to upload multiple pictures, including photos of their feet. It has live chats and other functions for everyone to enjoy.

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