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This site is the place where after registration you will be redirected to other partner sites in order to complete your registration. The platform is specially designed for hookup and if you do not know what it is in this review you can find out. If you have been looking for a partner for one night for a long time then this site provides perfect services for this. You no longer need to look at where to find a partner that is right for you because this site gives access to users who have the same intentions as you due to DateHookUp review.

The site is designed to find the right partner for you so it collects all the information you need from the very beginning. When registering it is very difficult to notice that this site is for regular dating but once you sign up you will understand everything. You can enjoy finding a hookup partner and meet your friend as the platform provides all the services. Find out in this review whether this site is right for you and whether it is a safe and secure place for you.


In a Nutshell

This site is the perfect place for you to get acquainted no matter what country you are from. The platform is designed to enable you to connect with other users and satisfy your interests. People don’t stay on this site for very long and nobody interacts with the same user for months or years. Users usually search for a partner for one night or for a short period because some of the users are even married. The number of users on this site is relatively small, but since most of them are very active you will always have someone to talk to. But this site is not suitable for users who have serious intentions and dream of meeting a partner for a long-term relationship and marriage. First, you need to log in to this site and then you must follow all steps to successfully create your profile due to review.

The registration process is quick and every step is thoughtful so that you do not waste your time and are able to meet a partner from your location. The platform specifically asks for a zipcode so you can meet a friend from your location due to DateHookUp reviews. In fact, the site does a great job because even though this person is from your location but you probably haven’t met her before because your businesses are different. The platform allows users to experience their best feelings without any obligation.

Overall Rating – 8.8

  • Partner suggestions – 8.8
  • Price-performance – 8.3
  • Service – 8.2
  • Free features – 9.4
  • Ease of use – 9.2
  • Safety – 8.7

Pros and Cons


  • allow men to meet beautiful women
  • communication features
  • partners from your location


  • no suitable mobile app
  • no matchmaking feature at a Glance

  • Best for: men and women who are looking for casual dating
  • Number of members: thousands
  • Recommended age: 18+
  • Favorite features: quick search & local women


The platform was created several years ago and is designed to find local partners. Initially, this site was supposed to be a place for serious dating, but after a lot of users were not serious about the DateHookUp dating site, the employees decided to create a separate place for regular dating. You no longer have to worry about not being able to meet a partner who has the same intentions as you. There are many users on this site who do not want to have responsibilities, who have special interests, and some of them are even married. Also on the site, you can meet couples who are also ready to create new relationships.

You do not need to confirm your information and you can even provide false information because it is indifferent to other users and employees of the site. The main thing is your desire to meet someone with the same intentions and you can do it quickly. User reviews indicate that the site is a very good place and that many users have had time to meet more than one partner. The site staff is concerned that you can meet your partner and help you with this. If your goal is a friend with benefits or you just want to have fun online then you can visit the platform due to a review of DateHookUp.

How Does Work?

How does DateHookUp work? This site is very easy to use and you can understand how it works in just a few minutes. The platform is very popular because users visit it every day. The site is very easy to use and you do not need to take any unnecessary steps for your hookup. All you have to do is first join. The registration process is very fast and allows you to start using it in a few minutes. You will be able to meet your partner this evening because you will not be tired after going through the long checks and tests that are available on regular dating sites. Since this dating platform is without any obligations, you do not need to fill in any extra data.

With the convenient Lets Meet feature, you can view the photos of users who are in your location, and you can only select them thanks to their photo. Beautiful photos of women allow users to get to know each other. If you liked the photo of the woman and you also liked her, then you can have a date tonight. The site also offers a search feature and a custom forum. In this forum, you can discuss your wishes and fetishes. The forum also allows for a variety of events where users with shared interests can host parties due to DateHookUp dating site reviews.

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The site offers very simple user registration and you can do it in two ways. You can register with Facebook or enter your details yourself. All you need to join is enter your name, date of birth, the gender you are looking for and zip code. You do not need to enter any additional data if you do not want it. Site registration is only available if you are 18 years old because some of the content on the site is for adults only. After registration, you can do a DateHookUp log in at any time.

Search & Profile Quality

Most users have multiple photos and the advantage of this site is that you can view these photos for free. In addition, there are a number of fake profiles on the platform, but you can avoid them if you follow the rules of use. The purpose of fake profiles is to trick other users and take away their money so you don’t have to share your data with other users. There are no special checks on this site that check the quality of profiles from time to time and this contributes to the fact that there are even more fake profiles on the site.

What is DateHookUp? Users do not have that much detailed information in their profiles, but in fact, they are not needed because they are looking for dating partners. Some users need more information, but it’s not that important to them. As for search, you can do it in a variety of ways. You can find your bride through a quick search. Every day you will receive random girls from your location who are ready to meet. If you want to meet the bride from another location or age, you can use the advanced search.


Is DateHookUp legit? This site is not completely secure due to a large number of fakes but if you are careful and do not share your data with others then you can avoid it.

Help & Support

You can contact the site support if you have any problems with the usage. If you come across a fake profile, you can also contact support and get professional help.

Prices & Plans

Is DateHookUp good? If you want to view at least profiles and also have your profile borrowed by VIP then you have to pay. Users will also see you on the search list for the first time along with a paid subscription, but any communication on the site is free.


The truth about Date HookUp is that this site is the perfect place for your dating. You may not worry about security because the site is trying to deal with fakes. If you are not looking for a partner for long dating and just enough for one night then the platform is perfect for this.

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Is DateHookUp Safe?

Is DateHookUp safe? This site is not safe because you still can meet fakes there. But if you choose it for one night stands it can be a great experience.

Is a real dating site?

This platform has many users whom you can meet in real life.

How many members does have?

The site has thousands of people who join it recently and you can start to chat with them.

Is DateHookUp worth it?

If you try this site you can get a great experience.

How to use Date HookUp?

You have to join it and after that, you will be able to start your relationship.

Is DateHookUp free?

The site can be free if you do not need some specific features.

Can I use anonymously?

There are no anonymous usage and everyone will know you see them.

How can I delete my profile?

You have to go to settings and there you will find a button for delete.

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