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Top 5 Hookup Sites & Communication Platforms
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2 Ashley Madison logo Ashley Madison
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3 JerkMate logo JerkMate
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Some men and women don’t like the idea of dedicating ourselves to only one gender. And they are right! Why should you restrain yourself only to one gender when you can enjoy both. Luckily, there are lots of bisexual hookup apps and websites where you can find a perfect bisexual playground to meet hookups in your area.
It might not be easy to meet people who understand you perfectly. For example, if you are a woman and trying to date a lesbian, she might not understand your desire to meet men too. The same problem faces bisexual guys when they are trying to diversify their options. But online dating apps and websites are just perfect when it comes to meeting like-minded individuals. If you want to hook up with someone, you will find an opportunity, even if you want to meet a bisexual couple. bisexual hookup

Dating A Bisexual (Local Sites)

Adult Friend Finder

It is one of the most used websites by those members who don’t want to start serious relationships. It is a pure hookup site used by bisexual people, lesbians, gays, people seeking fun, etc. This service allows finding threesomes, foursomes, couples, other experiments. It has a great reputation; it is used by people in various countries, meaning that it won’t be hard to find the right person. It grants a plethora of opportunities to people of all types of sexual orientation. The chatrooms and web chats are available for you to join and have fun.


It is considered to be a hookup gay app created for people seeking different types of relationships, including serious and casual dating. Also, it is used by bisexual people to seek men who are not against opening other options like having fun, not just with guys but with hot women too. It is sometimes used by couples, and it is easy to accomplish all your dreams you had been thinking about but was afraid to talk about. Create an account and start seeking local bisexuals who have the same interests.


It is a site where people seek hookups, serious relationships, dating partners, etc. The thing that makes it different from other services is that it was created for lesbians. But it is used by bisexual people as well. It is a convenient website with a nice and modern interface. It doesn’t have a lot of adverts on the site, so it won’t be annoying to use it. The audience is not as big as the audiences of such huge sites like Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder, but it certainly has great options to offer. The search and its filters are helpful since you can use them to narrow the search to candidates you might like and decide to hook up.


OkCupid is already famous for its one distinguishing feature – around twenty sexual orientations can be chosen by members when they create profiles. It means that transexual, transgender people, bisexuals, lesbians, gays, everyone can find a suitable orientation, and they won’t have to choose only from 4 usually available options. That way, everyone has a chance to meet a partner. It is used for both serious relationships and hookups. Create an account for free and check out tons of profiles on this site. The app is free to download, and you can use it whether you have an Android or iOS devices.

Be Naughty

A mature bisexual hookup website where you can get even more than you had been expecting. The service is never used for seeking serious relationships, although people sometimes find lifetime partners after a while of casual dating. Why not? If they are sexually compatible, than they can live as a couple if that is what they want. But because of the huge audience everywhere in the world, it is very easy to get laid while using this website. Create an account for free and start searching for couples or single individuals. Have some experiments, and enjoy being naughty.

Ashley Madison

Do you want to start dating a bisexual? Or are you seeking to start an affair? It doesn’t matter what you are looking forward too as long as it is not serious relationships. Here you can get laid the day when you have created an account! Bisexuals love it because it is anonymous, and no one will be gossiping behind their backs about their personal life. Other people love it because it is easy to find hookups. The interface is simple, it is not overloaded by not needed features, so it is easy to use it and to meet who you want to have fun with.


It is a hookup app, and people won’t even try arguing with this statement. It is used by lots of people seeking hookups since the swiping game is the best when it comes to physical appearance. If you are checking out someone’s photo, you are obviously not interested in the personality. Which is great for hookups, you don’t care about the personality, only about the physical appearance. Just make it clear in your profile description that you are a bisexual, and Tinder will start showing you pictures of people you might be interested in hooking up with.

Bisexual Playground

The name speaks for itself. It is a bisexual playground where you can be flirtatious, chatting, and flirting using a webcam, seek hookups, casual sex partners, even couples. The website is paid, but it is one of those rare bisexual hookup sites that offers a pretty big audience of active users. It won’t cost much, but you can have a discount if you buy a 6-months subscription.


Unfortunately, it won’t be suitable for men, but it will be useful for bisexual women and lesbians. It was created by lesbians, and it caters to the interests of lesbian and bisexual women who want to hook up or start something more meaningful and long-lasting. The distinguishing peculiarity of the site is that it won’t allow men to create fake profiles. In theory, men won’t be able to create profiles since they have to create accounts with the help of their Facebook pages. But if a guy creates a fake Facebook page, he might create a profile on Scissr if Facebook won’t block him.


Whether you are seeking ebony bisexual men and women, or you are seeking serious or casual relationships, it is most likely that you will get lucky. Even though the owners of the site claim it is only for meaningful relationships, no casual encounters, etc., the site is used by people seeking hookups. And since when hookups are meaningless? It has a meaning, just different from a serious relationship, and it can be fun and enjoyable. Hinge is great since it has a precise matching system and lots of filters to narrow the search by your preferences.


It has a fun name and one distinguishing feature – only women get to decide whether to contact someone or not. For example, if you are a bisexual woman, and just now you feel like hooking up with women, then you can write a message to a woman you like. But if you don’t want to drag the attention of men, then you won’t. Men can’t write messages. First, they need to wait for a woman to make the first step. So it is a nice chance for women to take the initiative, and for bisexual guys to give this initiative to women.

Bi Cupid

Bisexual hookups are what you can find here. Open a bisexual chat and start flirting with people you might like. It is a place where everyone is seeking hookups and casual dating, but serious relationships can be established with the help of Bi Cupid too. It caters to the interests of bisexual men and women, and bi-curious singles who want to find out how it would be to date someone you haven’t thought about. This app can aid in figuring out what you need.

Guy Spy

Whether you are gay, straight woman or bisexual, it would be hard for you to take your eyes off some pictures of guys registered on Guy Spy. Yes, it was created for guys who like guys, but it could be used by bisexuals too. It won’t be very useful for women since most men here are guys, but bisexual men can use it to find hookups. The site has an amazing matching algorithm that will detect all compatible matches in your area.


It is not the best bisexual dating app, but only because it is a lesbian site. The best thing about this app is that it can find some events connected to lesbians. Yes, you can attend parties only for women, so it is the right place to find partners for casual dating and hookups. It won’t be useful for men, but women are fond of this website since it is not just fun but targeted at women.


Not a bisexual hookup app, but it could be useful for guys. It is a place where guys are dating guys, but if you are bisexual or a bi-curious guy and want to try something new, you are welcome here. The great thing about Hornet is that it is very popular and the community consists of around twenty million gay and bisexual men. It reminds you of a useful social network where you can seek hookups.


It is a purely hookup website for mature singles and adults seeking fun and adventures. No strings attached, no serious talks, no boring questionnaires, people are seeking others only due to their physical appearance and sexual preferences. It might not be a pure bisexual hookup site, but you will be surprised by how many people are bisexuals on CasualX. This is a site where you will feel free, no one will gossip behind your back, and you could accomplish all your sexual desires while using CasualX.


It might not be the biggest website with the biggest number of members, but it is one of the most convenient hookup bisexual apps. It caters to the interests of individuals who hate when they are being labeled. If you are sick of that and you just want to have fun and be happy, then this site could offer you some interesting options. You can create an account for free and start seeking like-minded individuals on this amazing website.

bisexual hookup

A Bisexual Playground

Bisexual Passions

Used for both – seeking hookups and bisexual long-lasting relationships. Since most people here are bisexuals, they understand that bisexual relationships are different from traditional and gay/lesbian relationships. People understand that if one of them is having a relationship with a representative of the opposite gender, it is not cheating. You can meet couples here who are seeking hookups with someone of the opposite sex so that you can have some real fun.

Bi People Meet

It is a bisexual hookup site used by singles and couples to seek hookups. Also, it is claimed that only long-lasting relationships could be found on this platform, but some bisexual couples are seeking someone who could add some versatility to their sexual lives. It is a site where you might experiment without being frowned upon. The relaxing and friendly atmosphere will make you want to stay on the site.

Bisexual Fish

Whether you are a bisexual single, or you are in a relationship, or you are simply bi-curious, here you can have fun. Bisexual Fish caters to the interests of bisexual and bi-curious individuals seeking hookups and serious relationships, seeking to add versatility to sexual life or to accomplish some experiments. Some people find it easy to find like-minded friends on this site, and others are only interested in hookups. Create a profile for free and add some details about you and your life, including your orientation and expectations from the site.

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