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Cougars: Who Is It?

Cougar dating community is becoming popular among older women dating younger men or younger men coming in contact with older women. What a fantastic life adventure for hot old women and young men can take place thanks to the most popular and modern hookup sites. If you are interested in the age difference between older women and young men full of strength and energy, just try the cougar hookup sites.

Cougar: So differently called predators among cats are cougars. Cougars live and hunt alone. It is not difficult for cougars to drive a poor moose or deer. With this word, we are used to calling not only animals, but also people, or rather women of mature age. So they say about women who have achieved everything in their lives. They are successful at work, were able to achieve heights in professional activity and are now ready to achieve happiness in their personal lives. Such women are so relaxed that they are looking for a partner not among their peers and men older than them, but among young, attractive and fresh guys. And they do it very well.

The age difference in such pairs is 20, or even more years. Much may spread rumors and gossip about such women cougars, but they do not care. They do not consider such behavior reprehensible or vicious. Moreover, they believe that they have every right to get acquainted with a young partner and have fun with him. They conquered their place in the sun, they spent their youngest years building a career, and now at the age of 40-45, they have every right to allow themselves to engage in the arrangement of their personal lives. What to do if many peers are already occupied, and in bed, over the years the man becomes more lethargic. Of course, in this case, women go hunting for young kittens, frolic with them. For women aged, there is no better place to get to know a guy as adult hookup sites. Such an acquaintance can even lead to marriage, and then in the family, the husband will be 15-25 years younger than his wife.

Cougar Sites

True, in a family of different ages, where the wife is much older than the husband, children are unlikely to appear. But the ideologists of the “cougar” argue that the modern family was created not so much for reproduction as for personal pleasure. But in many cases, such cougar women already had one or even three marriages, they probably have adult children, so now she lives only for herself and her pleasure. She fulfilled her duty to society.

Cougar Hookup

You are a young man and want to date a cougar woman. Or quite the opposite, are you a passionate female cougar who is looking for a young and hot male? Today you can sign up for Cougar dating sites and date women aged. They are all here just to meet young men and men – with older women. If you are interested in dating divorced, single mothers and single older women who want to meet young guys, you should check out our list of the most popular cougar sites. Start your cougar search now.

Cougar dating is a big trend today. Many single women have succeeded in their lives, who now want to meet and spend the night with attractive young men. Many youthful boys attract experienced older women. Cougar dating sites are designed to help older women find love, chat, flirt, and sex for one night.

Free Cougar Hookup

Modern life has freed a woman from many worries that prematurely aged her. Many women in age have not lost interest in life and men. They haven’t lost so much that they start to get acquainted with free cougar hookup sites. And in this case, she is not so much interested in peers, as men are much younger. The hunt is on the youths. In principle, any young person who has overcome the so-called “age of sexual consent” from 16 to 18 years, depending on the state, may one day feel that “hunting” is open for him

However, young men are not too afraid of such a hunt. For them, this is an opportunity to relieve sexual tension without special responsibilities. Plus confirmation that you are charming and damn attractive. And the female “cougar”, as a rule, looks very attractive. And most importantly, this “hunter” herself is not averse to becoming easy (and most importantly, random) prey.

What Are The Signs That The Young Man Met A “Cougar” Woman On His Way?

Cougar Dating

  •  Age. Usually, the age of a “cougar” is over 40. Sometimes 35-year-old women can go in for “hunting”.
  • Clothing and makeup. Cougars dress very stylishly. They usually prefer narrow and short dresses, which, in their opinion, allow you to visually reset a few years. Without exception, these women use a bra that makes their breasts more seductive (Push-Up Bra).
  • Where to find the “cougar”? Modern cougar sites will help you with this. No need to wait for hours until a cougar woman appears at the bar. Register on the cougar website for adults and enjoy chatting with these experienced and hot women.
  • Try to understand her plans. Does she “take-off” you for episodic sex or wants to make you her permanent toy-boy? Think about which role suits you best. Being a “ toy-boy” is easier because you have no responsibilities. True, you should be ready to call the “cougars” at any time, and sometimes “stand idle” for several months. And by the way, one day everything can change, and the “cougar” wants to live with you on a more permanent basis.

The Best Cougar Hookup Sites

To say that is popular among users of adult sites is to say nothing. The user base of this site is impressive and surprises many with its size. The site has more than 1.7 million users who pay for their services, and the total number of users with free accounts is more than 13 million. is a popular site for dating cougars and cubs in our eyes – regardless of whether they register on this A site for deliberate acquaintances or their goal is to become a young companion for a long time. This state-of-the-art dating platform offers you many local and third-party features, such as advanced search options and live broadcasts. And before you make a paid membership, the site will offer you to test the dating platform for free. This is good if you are not sure that you are interested in women in this category. specializes in older women whom you can meet right now. But even though most of the profiles here are women after 40, the site misses single people of all ages. To make it easier for you to find your desired matches, offers you the opportunity to choose your desired age and view profiles in this way. And with more than 1.4 million people visiting every month, finding the right old woman or boyfriend will give you only pleasure. Indeed, with so many users, it will be easy for you to find that special person with whom you can spend the night or even meet more than once.


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